Friday, June 5, 2009

ASIFA Drawing Backlog, Part 3

Yet more from the old life drawing stack. These are from late 2008.


  1. Ash,

    Always wanted to be an artist, but didn't put in the study or time to get anywhere close. So I'll fulfill my fantasies thru your work.

    Interesting sketches, a big improvement from what you sent me a couple or so years back for the book the didn't get published. The three blog entries look to me as tho you're starting to develop a unique style. Is that anywhere near the mark?


  2. I really hope so. I've definitely improved since the end of college when I sent those sketches along to you, but its always harder to be objective with your own work. All I can say is I've worked hard since then and I'm working harder now.

  3. Ash, you know that I have always loved nudes. Great work, great style.