Monday, October 18, 2010

Freaky Sketchbook Comic

So in my last sketchbook I decided for a bit that I was going to try drawing a comic actually in the book. To make that section of the sketchbook a comic itself. As you can see, I did this for one splash page and half a page.

I then got excited about it, and bought a special sketchbook just to do a project like this in. Then everything I drew in it was crap. None of it was inked, so maybe there is still hope. In the meantime please enjoy the experiment.

ALSO. I am discovering the joy of hand lettering. This is because how much I hate computer lettering Benthic. Dicking with the text in InDesign and the bubble in Illustrator at the same time is my least favorite thing to do, possibly on the planet. The people who do this professionally need to be diagnosed. Hand lettering is a pain, but at least I feel like I'm eliminating a step on the back end.

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