Monday, November 2, 2009

Would You Like A Christmas Card?

That's right you crazy kids, I'm sending out Christmas cards this year. Some of you are married, some of you own homes, some of you even have children; sending Christmas cards is how I have chosen to dip my toe into the pool of adulthood.

If you would like to receive a card this year, send an e-mail with the subject line "Send Me a Christmas Card!" to In said e-mail put your name, titles, and the names of various spouses, significant others, children, pets, significant pets, house plants, unwanted guests, and celebrity cardboard cutouts that you would like the card to address. Also include a full mailing address and I will send a card (art courtesy of me) along with a short note (possibly a long rambling nonsensical note, baby you know I treat you right).

I look forward to sharing my holiday cheer with all of you...right around Martin Luther King Day, which knowing me is when these will show up. Maybe earlier though! This holiday season you can dare to dream!

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